Month: April 2018

Setting up a deep learning environment

I have just finished my first Kaggle competition, the 2018 Data Science Bowl! For this competition I teamed up with another guy from Vancouver named Mahmoud, who was also new to Kaggle. We did really well, placing in the top 1.7% of all entrants (60/3634). We will probably make a presentation about this competition for the Vancouver Learn Data Science meetup. If we do, I will post the presentation slides on my GitHub page.

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Kaggle Competitions

I haven’t written much over the last few weeks because I’ve been really busy. As someone without substantial work experience in the field of machine learning, I need to come up with ways to prove to potential employers and/or customers that I am capable of solving real world problems. One of the best ways I see to achieve this goal is to perform well in online machine learning competitions with prizes. The site where most such competitions are held is Kaggle.

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