I’ve been reading quite a bit of news lately, which is probably a sign that I need to get out more and do something besides work. When nothing much is happening, it seems natural to seek intellectual stimulation online. It’s not that I have a lot of free time, but doing just one thing every day gets kind of boring. I just need to find something to balance my work with which would be beneficial for me.

Anyway, the recent Canadian news has left me a bit perplexed as to which political party and leaders I really support now. To me, the main issue when electing politicians is almost always their environmental stance (as long as they are not fascists, etc, but those guys usually don’t give a damn about the environment anyway). In 2015, I enthusiastically voted for the liberals and was very happy when Trudeau won. Now, however, even though he still seems to be on the right side of the political spectrum, he has been demonstrating such ineptitude that I am just not sure if I can honestly support him anymore.

A few months ago, when Trudeau announced the decision to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan, I immediately unsubscribed from the liberal e-mail list and let them know that I no longer supported their party if they were willing to spend a ton of taxpayers’ money to buy a project that is contradictory to their environmental policy and comes with many unknown risks. I assumed that they at least had studied those risks before making their offer, but yesterday’s court decision clearly shows they hadn’t. This is so bad. How can they, supposedly being pro-environment, commit to such a massive project without careful research?

To me, the only chance the liberals have right now in the 2019 election is to save the North American Free Trade Agreement without making significant concessions to Trump, which is not going to be easy. I believe, however, that while in the long run Canada needs NAFTA really bad, arguably even more so than the USA, in the short term, considering the upcoming November U.S. Congress elections, Trump and the U.S. conservatives may really benefit from reaching some type of agreement with Canada or at least having this possibility in the near future.

Thus, I think Trudeau needs to stay firm right now and not give in to the bully. If he does sign a new treaty on Trump’s terms, I will lose all remaining respect for him. As there is no chance that I would ever support the conservatives with their anti-environmental agenda, I guess that would leave me and similar-minded people with NDP and the Green party. Will I need to make this choice? I guess we’ll see soon!